Welcome to Screenology.net

Welcome to Screenology.net

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my brand new website, Screenology! This site has been a long time coming, and it’s finally here. It’s going to be a work in progress, but I am very much looking forward to sharing artistic and scientific insights with everyone.

The image featured above is from when I was working on the film positives for my T4 Phages Attack E. coli Bacterium screen print in 2012. I love the process of screen printing and look forward to spending some time on paper prints. The bacteriophage is just such a cool virus- it looks so neat- it reminds me of that weird bug-like device that Trinity uses to suck the tracking device out of Neo’s bellybutton in The Matrix. Or a crazy-looking spider. So futuristic looking for an ancient organism!

What trips me out is that before Sergio (my husband) introduced me to phages, I had no idea that there were viruses that attacked anything but animal cells- I didn’t know that bacteria could be infected and killed by viruses- it just blew my mind on another level! There’s a whole world going on inside of and around us that most of us don’t even know about! I would like to learn more about this micro-universe and share my discoveries here on this blog.


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