Salmonella Tee & Bay Area Science Festival

Salmonella Tee & Bay Area Science Festival

After planning it for months, I have finally finished designing a new shirt! Following the popularity of my E. coli tee, I am introducing its closely related cousin, Salmonella! I wanted to finish this shirt earlier, but I’ve been busy with a big job I did printing 120 shirts for a client (which is a lot for someone without a flash dryer and only a one-color, one-station press!) That job is finished now, though, and I worked hard to pump out this new Salmonella tee!

I will be debuting this new tee at the Bay Area Science Festival, a really cool, free 10-day event showcasing the awesomeness of science through interactive exhibits and fun science-related activities. I will be slinging Screenology t-shirts at this event on Saturday, November 2nd, from 11AM-4PM at AT&T Park.

I am super excited for this event, and even more excited for my new t-shirt! The Salmonella tee is being printed right now, and I will put it up for pre-order on my Screenology Square Market Store sometime next week. In the meantime, enjoy this preview of the new tee and plan ahead to visit me and all the other awesome booths at the Bay Area Science Festival!


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