Video Interview

In April 2013 I met Dr. Vincent Racaniello of This Week in Virology fame, and he interviewed me about my art.

At the time, I was calling my design and screenprint operation “Squeaky Squeegee Art”, but changed in June 2013 to “Screenology” as the name is cleaner, easier to remember, spell, and associate with both science and art.

From Dr. Racaniello’s YouTube video description:

“I interviewed Deb Sklut, whose science-themed art is inspired by her husband, Sergio, who is a microbiologist with a PhD in Infectious Diseases. At that level, the science gets pretty complex, and this is Deb’s way of understanding what Sergio does in the lab. It is also an admiration and a respect for science and a love for technical precision in both fields that drives her to create art that showcases the power of science.”