What's in a Name?

Screenology by Deb Sklut

Screenology is the name of Deb Sklut’s brand, featuring her original hand-drawn, screen-printed designs of science-themed art on high-quality, super soft, fitted tees.

The name “Screenology” comes from “Screen printing” + “Biology”, but the “-ology” is a stand-in for many other fields of science that Deb would like to illustrate through her designs in the future. Also, the “-ology” as defined by its roots represents knowledge in general, and “screen” embodies art in general, thus the name refers to an expertise in art.

At its core, “Screenology” actualizes a marriage of art and science that for Deb, allows her to showcase the beauty of science through screen printing and other mediums. This seeming juxtaposition allows for a unique perspective on both the science of art, and the art of science.



My t-shirt designs are all hand-drawn by yours truly.


All of my designs are printed on premium quality, 100% cotton tees that have a softer feel. They are a more fitted style- tapered fit, and slightly longer in length- and come in both Men’s sizes and Women’s sizes. The brands I use are Bella+Canvas, Alternative Apparel, Next Level Apparel, and American Apparel.

*The women’s tees run a bit small- they are more of a junior’s fit. For more of a women’s/missy fit, please order one size up!*


I started out printing all of my shirts myself, by hand, with water-based ink, but once the volume I needed to turn out got to be too much for my little press in my home studio, I decided to hire the pros for that. They print with plastisol ink, for a vivid print that really pops. I love screen printing the shirts myself, but having someone else to help with the printing allows me to focus my time on designing!

Fine Art Prints

Graphic Screen Prints

Since my background is in fine art, I revel in creating multi-colored graphic screen prints on paper, and have some ideas for a few pieces I’d like to make in the future. I work in water-based ink on archival, acid-free paper. Coming soon…